Wallpaper Hanging Prep Tips

Wallpaper Hanging Prep Tips

A major component to hanging wallpaper is the prep that needs to take place.  It is important to have this completed and just right so that there are not unsightly bumps, dips and potential peal back areas.

Any dips in your walls need to be filled which include nail holes.  The surface must be clean, dry, structurally sound and free of mildew, grease or other such stains.

Wallpaper Tips Prep 3New construction means new dry wall.  One coat of primer and one coat of paint leaves you in the perfect position to apply wallpaper.  Never apply to raw drywall.

Wallpaper Hanging Tip 4Have your walls been painted time and time again and weathered many years of livng? If you have areas that have received water damage or are flaking, consider priming these types of walls for perfect adhesion.

Wallpaper Hanging Prep 5Walls that have been previously papered need extra care in removal of old paper.  Strip the paper from the walls slowly and then proceed to sand or using adhesive remover.  The next step before papering is a layer of primer. 

Wallpaper hanging prep prep prepTaking your time to prep your walls will ensure that your wallpaper will look its best.  



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