Goop V.1 Parfum Fragrance

I love me some products because they are incredible quality and aren't murderous when used regularly.  Really. This Goop Edition 01 perfume is all natural with no adhesive agents meaning it isn't using some sort of toxic glue to make it last forever.  It lasts the normal amount of time perfume should last....naturally.


This lip and cheek tint is by Balmyard Beauty and made using coconut oil, my favorite.

Goop lip and cheek tint organic

A healthy way to put on a healthy glow.

The only time a Goop-ie eye is a good thing is if it is this under eye moisturizer by beauty and moisturizer

It is a great price for something you use everyday -- again nothing toxic.  Works amazing and I don't feel guilty putting it on.  Oh and lastly thank you for featuring my work at the ICFF -- this is a pic of their booth with my work in it. beauty and fragrance






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