About Angela

Angela Simeone is an abstract painter and mixed-media artist working for the past 15 years in Nashville. She balances three boys and husband, a Bernese Mountain dog and her growing business partnerships.

As a self-taught painter, an integral apprenticeship cultivated a solid, visual foundation while spending three years in-studio with a local painter. Her color-theory approach is both fresh and nuanced.

Angela had a traveled upbringing living in multiple cultures. Born in Centerville, Ohio, her Air Force family moved to England and Hawaii before her high school graduation. Following a business degree from University of Georgia she moved to Nashville then San Francisco. The creative factor is high in her bloodline with generations of makers as well as fine artists.

Art Evolution

A Graphic & Organic Combination

Angela's art evolution from frenetic to simple and back is part of her art story. She combines the organic with street while maintaining sophistication and achieving a bold graphic style. Utilizing ink, acrylic, oil, charcoal and lacquer to manipulate form and space, she maintains a unique eye for color creating blur and subtle shifts within a work. A multitude of layers consist of hard, soft and create movement within patterned designs. Her work has been placed by world renowned Interior Designers as well as on Minted.com, national television and print, corporate and private collections, regional shows, online editorial and at AngelaSimeone.com.

Art Representation

Shows & Events

ABC show "NASHVILLE" featured 9 paintings 2014
Artclectic USN 2014
Montgomery Bell Academy Show 2014; awarded four "Young Collector's Choice"
Brentwood Academy 2014 Art Show
Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2013
Saatchi Art 2013
Thompson Corporate Collection 2014
Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2014
Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2015
Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2016
Montgomery Bell Academy Show 2015
18 Minted Editor’s Picks
Trinity Art Show 2015
Harding Art Show 2016
Montgomery Bell Academy Show 2016
Anthropology Nashville featured local artist December 2016

The Tennessean Artist to Watch 2017
Ashley Rohe Home artist in residence September 2016 – January 2017

Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2017

Noah and Thisbe Foundation 2018

Featured on Minted "Discover Your Passion Tour" 2017

FlockSouth Feature 2017

My Domaine December 2017

Better Home and Gardens 2017

Sarah Cannon Cancer Research LLC 2018