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Wallpaper Hanging Prep Tips

Wallpaper Hanging Prep Tips

A major component to hanging wallpaper is the prep that needs to take place.  It is important to have this completed and just right so that there are not unsightly bumps, dips and potential peal back areas.

Any dips in your walls need to be filled which include nail holes.  The surface must be clean, dry, structurally sound and free of mildew, grease or other such stains.

Wallpaper Tips Prep 3New construction means new dry wall.  One coat of primer and one coat of paint leaves you in the perfect position to apply wallpaper.  Never apply to raw drywall.

Wallpaper Hanging Tip 4Have your walls been painted time and time again and weathered many years of livng? If you have areas that have received water damage or are flaking, consider priming these types of walls for perfect adhesion.

Wallpaper Hanging Prep 5Walls that have been previously papered need extra care in removal of old paper.  Strip the paper from the walls slowly and then proceed to sand or using adhesive remover.  The next step before papering is a layer of primer. 

Wallpaper hanging prep prep prepTaking your time to prep your walls will ensure that your wallpaper will look its best.  



Fashion Favs

Fashion Favs


Burberry Fashion

Something about October makes me want to spend money? How about you? Nothing fits right and I am sick of what I have. 

Burberry Trench Coat

So I make an expenditure or two. Burberry has several trench coats right now that could keep me warm.   

Louis Vuitton clothing

Louis Vuitton Purse

Louis Vuitton has moved towards the edgier side of fashion in the last several years --thank goodness-- and this purse or shirt would do.

Fabric to Write Home About (or email at the least)

FS Schumacher

Fs Schumacher FabricFs Schumacher

My love for fabric runs deep as I am sure does yours. 

fs schumacher fabric

There is something about a lively print that breaks up the dull-drums of a neutral palette quite perfectly. 

FS Schumacher fabric

Per usual, Schumacher you deliver. 

fs Schumacher

From gorgeous geometrics to interesting florals --you keep it quality.  Fabrics can make all the difference in an interior and FS Schumacher is one of the greats.


An Ode to Wearstler

kelly wearster interior designer

Kelly Wearstler, you had us all at hello.  Your personal style precedes your design in the fact that you well you begin the day dressed. 

Kelly wearstler interior designer

kelly wearstler interior designer and wallpaper

You are a design maven with chops that floor us. Kelly Wearstler ottomanAlways super edgy and slightly out of frame, you are a fantastic business owner with furniture, fabric, wallpaper and so many other lifestyle products.  Kelly wearstler furniture

Kelly wearstler interior design wallpaperWearstler you are who artists and design devotees alike look to for what is next. Thanks for being you.


Wallpaper Love

Wallpaper Love

Fs Schumacher blue wallpaperMy last two homes have had many rooms  covered in wallpaper. I love the creative use of pattern and color that adds a pop to a room that paint just cannot achieve.  My love for prints  goes back to my childhood matching bedding and drapes which were huge primary color florals.  WallpaperSome of my favorite wallpapers comes from Schumacher as their willingness to take risks and introduce new talent is exceptional.

FS Schumacher wallpaper

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

If you follow my IG then you know I am all about Moda Operandi, Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion and all the other great fashion shopping.

Brandon Maxwell for Moda Operandi 2018 fashion is good.  Love all the royalty Brandon Maxwell dressing including this dress in army green for Meghan Markle.  This season boasts bold color and canary yellow is definitely a

color of distinction. This Johanna Oritiz dress is pretty amazing plus she pulls in a lot of floral and botanical. 

MyDomaine feature collaboration with Allison Crawford and Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck


Allison Crawrford and Allysa Rosenheck

Loved collaborating with Austin-based interior designer Allison Crawford and photographer Alyssa Rosenheck to create a large statement painting for an Austin loft.  We decided on a graffiti-based painting for this loft owned by a rising tech company CEO.my domaine feature with angela simeone alyssa rosenheck allisson Crawford

Artwork by Angela Simeone.

World renowned photographer and #thenewsouthern founder Alyssa Rosenheck.

My domaine allison crawford

Austin-based interior designer and "Hotelette" founder Allison Crawford.

Angela Simeone

Angela Simeone Good HousekeepingGood Housekeeping Magazine Cover



It's always nice to find your work published by accident and is exactly what occured recently.  Thank you Minted and Good Housekeeping for a nice surprise.  My painting appears on the magazines' pages in an article about  "bar cart style tips". Who knew my florals and bar carts could be so friendly.  On another note, I'm excited to include my fabric which can only be purchased only on Minted right here and includes home goods such as pillows, napkins and placemats. 


Grade A


Art and Fashion at AngelaSimeone.com Grade A Blog

2018 florals are obviously created by artisans and  comprised of original paintings.  It's very apparent.  My favorite go-to for florals are several places.  If you want it funky and fresh its, here or here.  If you are looking for a little Laura Ashley style its here.  More of a minimalist when it comes to florals, then its got to be here.

Flower power is alive in both interior design and fashion see herehere and here.  On another note, check out my new patterns with a bohemian-vibe patterns at Minted.com.   A couple other pieces of mine here, here and here.





I am excited to see a couple of my little works made it into a majorly cool project that Nashville-designer Elisha Howell  pulled together.  Nashville Interiors MagazineNashville Interiors Magazine chose the project to feature on their front cover.  Exciting and fun.  I feel honored.  Thank you to all. 

Nashville INteriors Design Magazine

Nashville INteriors Design Magazine

Nashville INteriors Magazine



"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential."

Wassily Kandinsky 

Abstract art does not depict a person, place, or thing of the world. Composition, color, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale and simply the steps to create comprises Abstract painting. Works that don't have a "thing" allow for the viewer to engage with the work in a powerful way -- usually form and color become the "object" of the piece.

Painting by Franz Kline

Where did it come from exaclty? Franz Kline was an American painter mostly known for his black and white paintings. He was considered an Action PainterWassily Kandinsky - Kandinsky is considered the father of abstract painting. In an effort to capture sound and emotion in art, he painted some of the first major abstract works.

Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.



Abstract Art 

The Met in NYC is no exception.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 and it owned zero art on day #1. Over the years, through the combined efforts and brilliance of generations of curators and researchers, collectors and patrons, The Met collection has grown artistically, geographically, and culturally to represent more than 5,000 years of art from across the globe—from the first cities of the ancient world to works being created today.


 “Man: a being in search of meaning.” 

– Plato


The Met's latest exhibition does not disappoint.Art Museum ExhibitsThe Met hosts exhibits that both make sense and have passion.

Art Exhibitions

Egon Schiele has a wonderful way of line.  A majority of his work is controversial and shocking but the line work is both loose and refined.  Heavily influenced by Klimt it is always interesting to hear about artist in community with each other.

Not only does it house thousands of pieces of art but it has world class program's that educate's educators, children and the average Jane.


Timeline of Art History

The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History pairs essays and works of art with chronologies, telling the story of art and global culture through the Museum’s collection.

The Met NYCIn 2017, The Met made all images of public-domain works in its collection availableunder Creative Commons Zero which allowed unfettered access to 375,000 images of artworks.  How amazing is that. 

The Met StoreLet's not forget The Met Store which has some of the coolest accessories, books and items all art related.

The Met Store  

The Met NYC 



Abstract art

Abstract art is best viewed after you step, step, step way, way back until you feel something.  When you feel the entire piece you are far enough back.  Just a little art tip. 
A great painter who created enormous, bombastic works was Mark Rothko"To me Art is an adventure into an unknow world, which can be explored only by those willing to take a risk."  -Mark Rothko

Rothko abstract aritst

Like the painting above, Willem De Kooning was another prolific painter who painted large.
"In art, one idea is as good as another."
-Willem De Kooning

I love his use of color and his abstractions.
Fashion always delivers a big punch through color.  Like this watch and these slip-ons. 

Nordstroms Shoes







There are so many influencer painters, I could blog, Instagram and Pinterest at nauseum about them so I will try to sprinkle these post in between my other interests like Interior Design, Fashion and Lifestyle.  Let's start with De Kooning, a dutch abstract expressionist that came to America as a house painter and worked his way into infamy.  I am a believer that persistant sweat equity can get you where you want to be.  His restrospective book is a good read and a great table top.  Of course, I own it.  Cy Twombly let me count the ways-- your use of line, your use of materials, your use of drip? Yes to all.  He studied under Kline and Motherwell and of course I own his tabletop book as well.  What I love recently is the use of abstract art in fashion.   Yayoi Kusama has been all over Louis Vuitton in what is there best work.  Kusama is known for her bold, abstract dots which create a visual feast.  These are a few of my favorite things and that's all for now.

Angela Simeone Artist Nashville




Summer 2018 Favorite List

Angela Simeone Grade A Blog Post


I love a white shirt as much as I love scrolling Pinterest and Instagram which is a lot--and own six (J.Crew has this awesome one too).  I was considering purchasing this Explorer Rolex however due to budgetary restrictions this Swatch watch will have to do for the Summer.  These rose-gold sandals are sweet and simple and great for poolside although not quite as comfy as these slides  from Nordstrom.com which is having its killer sale right now.


Nude and Neutral in Fashion and Beauty

nude and neutral



We all have favorites and here are mine.  I love a Turkish Rug and most of mine in the house are from ABC NYC Home.  This store has the best finds and at prices that reflect their value.   Nars, Nars, Nars-- are you clean make-up? Not necessarily but do you have the very, very best concealer I have ever used. Yes.  Which brings me to the most glowey, dewey bronzer, once again not the cleanest- let's call it a guilty pleasure.  Sloppy slides that look gorgeous-- head over to Barney's NYC they always have the edgiest trends that aren't trendy not many other retailers have the vision to stock. Not to meantion the chocolate covered gummie bears. And my go to denim that sucks you in and lifts you up, Thanks Citizen.



Goop V.1 Parfum Fragrance

I love me some Goop.com products because they are incredible quality and aren't murderous when used regularly.  Really. This Goop Edition 01 perfume is all natural with no adhesive agents meaning it isn't using some sort of toxic glue to make it last forever.  It lasts the normal amount of time perfume should last....naturally.


This Goop.com lip and cheek tint is by Balmyard Beauty and made using coconut oil, my favorite.

Goop lip and cheek tint organic

A healthy way to put on a healthy glow.

The only time a Goop-ie eye is a good thing is if it is this under eye moisturizer by Goop.com

Goop.com beauty and moisturizer

It is a great price for something you use everyday -- again nothing toxic.  Works amazing and I don't feel guilty putting it on.  Oh and lastly thank you Minted.com for featuring my work at the ICFF -- this is a pic of their booth with my work in it.



Goop.com beauty and fragrance






Beauty Spring Favorites

Spring Time Favs 2018       



Some of my go-to beauty items that make this old face look presentable are from Goop.com and Barneys.  I love this beauty balm, and this facial kit. A teaspoon of this in your water creates the dewy glow.  Then I just love the visual layout of this eyeshadow kit.